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UN1F1ED² Global Packaging Group or “UGPG²” are ISTA Certified and can carry out a wide variety of ISTA/ASTM packaging tests for our customers.  Our client industries include Medical Device, Pharmaceutical, Electronics, Automotive and Engineering.

UGPG2 have the capability to:

  • Test your packaging
  • Provide packaging prototypes
  • Create production samples
  • Modify where necessary during testing process
  • Schedule your testing to optimise cost effectiveness

We strongly believe that “prevention is better than cure” and getting it right from the beginning eliminates unnecessary delays throughout the process.


Regulations surrounding packaging testing evolve and change.  UGPG² are always on hand to offer a timely response providing support and consultation where necessary.  Call our team now on 021 4669009 for further information.

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 Why do we need to test Packaging?

  • Validate Package Performance
  • Reduce risk of product damage
  • Ensure cost effective solutions
  • Provide Customer Satisfaction
  • Reduce Carbon Footprint