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  • ISTA Certified Laboratory – Internationally recognised tranportation quality system
  • Packaging Developed by ISTA certified Laboratory performs better
  • ISO9001
  • ISO14001
  • ISO17025
  • ISPM15 – Our Timber products are compliant with this Standard which Prevents Biodiversity losses of tree species and imbalances in indigenous insect and animal species
  • REPAK – UGPG2 meet our EU Packaging Directive Requirements and report compliance to Repak
  • UGPG2 enable you to carry out a Life Cycle Analysis for your product Design to include:
  • Primary Energy Demand – Measure of total primary energy extracted from the earth
  • Carbon Footprint – Measure of Green House Gas Emissions
  • Acidification – Measure of emissions that cause acidifying effects to the environment
  • Eutrophication – Potential impact of high levels of macronutrients e.g. Nitrogen
  • Water Use – A measure of water use across the life cycle of the product system


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