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AGS manufactures bespoke packaging for a range of clients, notably for electronics and computing equipment. The facility in Carrigtowhill, Co.Cork is a modern purpose-built facility, which is at present applying Lean Manufacturing techniques to its processes. Since gaining ISO14001 accreditation in 2008, AGS has continued to work hard to reduce its environmental impacts while promoting sustainability with suppliers and customers. Each year, new Energy, Waste and Water environmental targets are set.
Resource Efficiency Measures
Between 2010 and 2012 AGS have implemented a number of Resource Efficiency measures:
• A new building was custom built in 2009 with energy efficiency in mind. Features include; installing
the maximum number of skylights in the roof, and sensor dimmer lights to help maximise daylight. A
temperature controlled heating system was installed and sensor lights installed in toilet areas.
Solar panels were installed on the roof.
• A review of night-time usage revealed that 1/3 of electricity was being used at night when the factory
was closed. A review of electricity consumers at night revealed that operators charged all forklifts at
night as a precautionary measure. This had a significant electricity usage, particularly on equipment
with poor battery life (often in the case of leased equipment). Now all battery operated equipment have
their battery charge logged on a regular basis and are only charged as required.
• The Gas bills were investigated to identify any savings that could be made. The gas line is shut off for
6 months of the year (saving €2,500/year) after it was discovered that AGS were paying €14 per day
to have the line open regardless of usage.
• A doorbell system was installed to ensure roll-doors are only opened when required, in order to
prevent heat loss from the building (€600).
• Manual taps replaced push-taps and a sensor system was installed in the urinals rather than 24 hour
automatic flushing.
 Source Details: Green Business Programme